Matt Balogh


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Jackson, WY 83001
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    e x p e r i e n c e

Relief Technologies Inc. Chicago, IL and Jackson, WY

June 2000 - Present  Owner/President

      • Independent contractor continuously updating skills and background through leading edge technology implementations.
      • Investigated the patenting of a new cellular technology product for introduction to market from concept through distribution.
      • Navistar and Accenture contracts listed below.
      • Business and Home PC, server and networking support including wireless.

International Truck and Engine Corp. (formerly Navistar) Melrose Park, IL

September 2001-November 2001  EDS/PLM (SDRC I-DEAS) Contractor

      • Developed UNIX HP/UX and PC programs to enhance end-user functionality (C/Bourne/Korn shell).
      • Designed and developed an archive system with a CGI front-end utilizing PERL for an EDS-PLM enterprise database.

Relief Technologies/Sapphire Technologies Chicago, IL

June 2000 - March 2001  Stress Test/Operational Test Lead

      • Managed a three-person team through four Remedy design releases for Accenture Ltd. Remedy Implementation.
      • Conducted stress, performance, and operational testing using custom Remedy code on W2K Advanced Server, SQL 7 Server, Citrix Metaframe for 2500 global call tracking users processing an estimated 2500 incidents/day.  Jackson, WY

August 2002 May 2005  System Administrator

Develop, manage, and implement project plans for new product offerings and service upgrades. Project plans contain timeline, budget, hardware, and human resources. Recent projects include:

      • Training local technical analysts network topology, system architecture and technical processes.
      • Training remote IT staff network topology, customer database systems and system architecture.
      • Major software updates including Boardtown version updates, MS updates, and 3rd party integration script updates.
      • Server service consolidation including migrating 1700 IMAIL and 1200 post.Office subscribers to OpenLDAP and exim.
      • Customer on-line signup functionality utilizing Friendly Technologies, Propel Webcelerator, IIS, .NET 1.1, Visual Studio .NET2003, SQL Server 2000 Enterprise.
      • Office desktop, server relocation and server room build including network cabling, punchdowns, and dressing.  
      • Revenue assurance via RADIUS log processing scripting utilizing PERL, DB::Sybase and MySQL.

Provide 24/7 system support:

      • Service administration: Email and web hosting for 17000 customers utilizing OpenLDAP, freeRadius, exim email, perdition, sendmail, PERL, mySQL, Boardtown Platypus, Postini, and Hostopia
      • Microsoft administration: W2K Advance Server Domain Controllers, SQL Server Enterprise 2000, Symantec Enterprise Antivirus, IIS, .NET 1.1, Office 2K-XP-2003 Pro. Support all software and hardware, including the NEC NEAX IP phone server and phones for 30 users on W2K, XP, and Win98 workstations.
      • MS SQL Server Administrator Create and manage users, indexes, tables, views, databases, reindexing, shrinking, expanding, backups, restores, and replication.
      • Linux administration: RedHat, Debian, and OpenBSD platforms.
      • PERL scripting interrogating and updating MSSQL 2000, mySQL and LDAP databases.
      • Corporate monitoring: Big Brother and Nagios.
      • Network administration: Cisco routers, 3COM total control chassis, HP and Cisco switches.
      • Corporate backups: Manage corporate backups utilizing NetVault and an ATL 3000 tape changer.

Cooper Lighting Chicago, IL

September 1998 - June 2000  Senior CAD Administrator

      • Administered software and hardware for 40 IBM AIX UNIX and 10 Compaq NT workstations.
      • Trained 50 users and 5 administrators across North America SDRC I-DEAS, Solidworks and AutoCAD software, and UNIX tools to support engineering of lighting systems.
      • Designed and developed a web based drawing search and display program for the enterprise utilizing CGI, PERL, and Apache.
      • Performed and maintained database and data backups utilizing ADSM backup tools.
      • Created client and server images utilizing smitty; restored clients when necessary.
      • Managed SDRC database filesystem and volumes.
      • Maintained network security via static IP addresses in DNS, NIS+ (yellow pages), and defined access to NFS.

Ford Motor Company Dearborn, MI (unless otherwise noted) February 1994 - June 1998

CAD/CAM Analyst  Process Leadership Department, C3P Office - Ford of Australia

        Implemented C3P system utilizing SDRC IDEAS at Ford of Australia.

        Supported 40 C3P UNIX Sun and SGI workstations at Ford of Australia.

        Trained Designers in C3P PIM methodologies.

        Developed UNIX scripts (ksh and csh) for redundant engineering tasks.

 Product Design Engineer C  Analytical Powertrain Methods Department, Product CAD/CAM Method Section

        Supported the C3P Powertrain Rollout.

        C3P SWAT team member.

        C3P PIM coordinator for Metaphase support.

        Investigated free form fabrication opportunities.

        Generated rapid prototype components and assemblies.

        Identified manufacturing prototype processes for lead-time reductions.

        Utilized SDRC on UNIX Sun workstations for projects.

Ford College Graduate Assignments Salaried Position 8-12 month assignments

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development, CAM Simulation Section

        Developed simulation models (MS Windows based programs) using Ford simulation methodology for Saline Trim Plant, Lima Engine Plant, and Chicago Stamping Plant. Simulation model results reduced inventory and increased productivity at each facility.

VC4, Ranger/Explorer Vehicle Engineering Special Applications

        Organized and conducted 1998 South American Ranger (SP) Ride and Drive evaluation.

        Interfaced with component groups to track changes to PDLs (product description letters) for 1998 South American Ranger and 1999 Explorer.

Powertrain Operations, Analytical Powertrain

        Evaluated SDRC I-DEAS Master Series 2.0 software. UNIX Sun Sparc 10

        Facilitated C3P interactive management planning sessions for PTO C3P implementation planning.

        Infrastructure (hardware, software, network), training, product program coordination, and administration project planning.

Information Systems, Powertrain Plant Floor Systems

        Coordinated software testing and created test plans for the Global Tooling System v2.1.

        Launched the Global Tooling System in Lima Engine Plant and Livonia Transmission. Oracle, SQL, Easel, and VB front end on VAX alpha servers.

        Committed to SDLC code enhancements.


    t e c h n i c a l   e x p e r i e n c e

Programming Experience - bash, ksh, csh, Perl, VB, Visual Studio 2003, Macromedia MX
System Administration - Linux, Windows XX, AIX, IRIX, Solaris, HPUX
System Configuration - Expert proficiency with UNIX tools and typical infrastructure support applications and utilities (Sendmail, postfix, exim, LDAP, Apache, BIND, SSH, SSL, FTP, etc)
Network Infrastructure - IOS compliant switches, UTP Cat5 cabling and wire management, Phone switches telco punchdown tools and management
General - TCP/IP network architecture, mySQL and MSSQL DB administration, hardware build and configuration, computer security, colocation evaluation and management, RAID, website management, secure remote desktop configuration, XWindows

    e d u c a t i o n


University of Michigan  College of Engineering

Ann Arbor, MI   December 1997

Master of Engineering in Manufacturing GPA 6.7/8

Program in Manufacturing consisted of 40% MBA, 60% Engineering

Bradley University  College of Engineering and Technology

Peoria, IL   December 1993

Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering Major GPA 3.7/4.0

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